Saturday, January 10, 2009


Uh I mean winners!
I consulted the random number generator at and it spit out numbers 7 and 21 and as I am typing this I do not know who's they are.... so i'm gonna hop on over and check. Just a moment!


Number 7 is Wierdlings
Number 21 is Maureen

if you two lovelies will please email me your mailing addresses I will send you your prizes (I'll post pictures before I send!)
my email is breezy quarters at gmail dot com (no spaces of course)

Any now for a funny update!

I teach colorguard, some of you may know that. Well, this week was the kids' first week back at school and I was out. My lovely band director substituted for me, and basically all she needed to do was make sure they didn't kill each other.

The first day everything was fine, just the usual distractions, cell phones, laziness. But everything was okay. Thursday didn't go so well. The girls needed to clean our "floor" (this is a gym sized mat we use as a backdrop / floor protector) so we can paint it this coming week. Well a few of the girls didn't want to do it, and as soon as RR went to the rest room the fire alarm went off. My Captain was crying and was terrified she was going to go to jail because she tried to press the lever back in and her fingerprints were on it. Some of the girls were still busy scrubbing the floor. No one knows who pulled it. (but there are suspicions)

RR got the problem fixed, the fire department didn't come, they finished the tarp and RR told the girls that the worst part was that "Now I have to go tell Paige!" and the girls don't want her to tell me, it can be their little secret they say. lol. So RR comes to the house to report the afternoons activity and I laughed so hard I was crying and my mouth was hurting SO bad!

If it had happened while I was there, children would be crying, and they wouldn't have been able to leave until I find out who did it! (maybe that will be practice Tuesday)

There will be a "Come to Jesus" meeting on Tuesday, and I'm sure lots of drama.

Friday was my first day venturing out of the house since I had surgery. RR took me to Augusta to see Mama Mia! and we also tried to go to an LYS (In Stitches) but couldn't find it. Maybe it closed? I'll have to search for it on Ravelry.

So we went to Jo Ann's. I had never been to a JA's before, and I was disappointed at their selection. I also looked for a ball winder, as I had seen them on their website, but the people that worked there didn't know what they were, and when they found someone that knew what they were told me they were like $149. Uh no they aren't, more like $30. So a helpful knitter wanted to know what I was looking for and I told her, and she said that I could just drape it over a chair. I explained I didn't want a Skein stretcher, I want a BALL WINDER. Then I was told I could just do it myself. Yes, I am aware I can do it myself, I just wanted to consider NOT doing it for myself. Then I showed her my socks.

I bought about 8 (maybe 10 ) hanks (balls? skeins? ) of Paton's wool to make RR a computer bag from S & B Nation. I will start on that project after I read my horn book. Maybe I can finish it today.

Have a good weekend ya'll. Thanks for reading, and Congrats to the winners!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Nom to your mother.

I can count the things I have eaten since monday on one hand. I've had jello, grits, soup, banana, and ice cream. I haven't even gone to the bathroom since monday. This upsets me, because I am a very regular person. Sorry if this is TMI, but I'm on meds so I have an excuse :-) . All I can think about are the things I want to eat when I get better. Dad called to check on me today and informed me that he is having a steak tonight. A BIG JUICY STEAK!!!! It will be overcooked of course, but its MEAT. I'm craving Maria's right now.... I want corn chips with salsa and cheese, a crunchy taco, and a beef burrito. I'd go into all the things I want to eat, but I will just have a sad. I'm starving, so i'll have a cup of applesauce..... Comment and tell me all the things I should eat when I am better!

Monday, January 5, 2009

All out of Wisdom

Teeth that is.

I have a great fear of pain. Recently I had my first cavity filled, and the dentist was more than happy to give me Nitrous Oxide to ease my worries. It worked so well I decided that I could have my teeth taken out and the NO2 would be better than being put to sleep.

My husband also had his WTs out, but with only a local anesthetic..... but he is super man so I can't be expected to be that tough.

I went in for my consultation on December 1st, all the talk of the procedure and risks made me very nervous, so the surgeon wrote me an Rx for a Valium to help keep me calm the day of surgery.

Last night I stayed up until 2 am happily knitting away and downing peppermint tea thinking that i would get my socks done, and I would also do a little cleansing so the Valium would work really well!

I got up this morning, took a shower. DH took great care of me, made me coffee, fetched this and that, fed the animals. He was really on task, wanting to make my day go as smoothly as possible. I took my pill at 8:30 because I was supposed to be at the office at 9:45.

I started to feel it on the way to the office, which is a good 30 minutes away. For those of you that are curious about what Valium "feels like" (i was) it really didn't feel like anything. I felt numb. My brain was working fine, I was thinking in my normal (?) hearing my self think way, but I wasn't nervous. It really did help. For the car ride. ack. well because of all the tea the night before I had to pee. (If my dad ever reads this he will be furious that I have talked about peeing on the internet) I peed a ton. Three times. I metabolized the magic pill pretty quickly.

By 10:45 when I hadn't been called back yet the foot started tapping and my palms started sweating, and then I started crying. Soon after the waterworks started we went into the room.
The room was only about 20 x 20 and resembled a small torture chamber as most dental rooms do. There was an IV bag hanging, a heart monitor box (that looked like it was from the 80s) and a chair in the corner. I sat in the obvious big torture chair, and Ben (dh) sat in the corner. An assistant came in and hooked me up to the monitor, she could have been an intern on gray's because she was beautiful, and i'm sure smart, but I wasn't too sure she was very confidant. She ended up taking really good care of me during the surgery.

The Surgeon started the NO2, put some gel on my gums to numb them (hurricaine gel rocks you can order it from your pharmacy or online. its really expensive, but worth it for dental problems NDC 0283-0871-31) and then started numbing my gums with injections. For those who are squeamish about shots as I am. With NO2 you can feel everything you would as if you were not.... you just don't care. He started on my right side, and then moved to the left. He then started the extractions. My top teeth were still under my gums, but i never felt him cut. My surgeon was really good about telling me what he was doing. I also had my ipod which was a great help, because if i need to I can concentrate on the music. It was also not loud enough that I couldn't hear him in case I really needed to. I was listening to Mozart's Horn Concertos. The top teeth really weren't bad. It wasn't fun mind you, but it wasn't horrible. I got more nervous with the bottom teeth and my legs started to quiver, so Ben moved up beside me and held my hand, I could talk to him that way and that was the best part. My ipod ran out of songs and he started it up again for me, he squeezed back when I squeezed his hand, he also knew not to worry when I started doing my horn fingerings on his hand when I got really nervous.

I was out of the operating room about an hour and 15 minutes after we got started. Walking around wasn't easy for me, mostly from being in one place too long.

We went home, ben got me settled and he went off to get my Rx filled. Ben changed my gauze what seemed like a million times. Ate some apple sauce, took some advil, cried because i couldn't feed myself, and then went to bed. I'm still in bed, I haven't been to sleep yet, but I will soon. I guess I just want to brag on my husband today. He has taken such good care of me, he really is amazing. He chopped up a banana for me, took me to the bathroom, scrambled me some eggs because I needed protein. I feel decent right now because he is so wonderful. I just can't say enough about him. He is my hero. I am so blessed..........


Sunday, January 4, 2009

Stash down 2009

We knitters have this thing called stash. Its sort of a living thing, always changing, growing, and eating up our yarn allowance. Husbands and stashes are often in conflict. My stash is ample, but not near what other knitters have collected. I'd like to get it under control now, and not just have yarn laying around for years and years that I never get to use. There is a limit on how much you can knit, and how much you can buy, so I will be knitting from my stash until it is devoid of sock yarn.
On ravelry there is a Stash Down group, challenging its members to do things like knit 52 items (socks maybe) in 52 weeks and other such similar concepts.
I decided to take on socks because for some reason I have lots and lots of sock yarn, and I like knitting socks, so it works.
I have separated my sock yarn into paper bags that are stapled shut. They are numbered 1 - 12 and each month I will choose a bag and knit from it. Some people that are participating have already picked their patterns and included it in their bags, but I'm going to pick my patterns as I go.
This month I needed to finish a pattern that I have had on the needles for over 6 months I'm going to estimate. I am determined to finish them tonight before I have my wisdom teeth out tomorrow morning. I don't really know why I left these socks undone for so long. It might be the yarn, I'm using Tofutsies and its a really "splitty" yarn. I really like the colorways, and I know other people like it a lot, I really wasn't a fan at first. It has gotten better to knit with as the project progressed, but how it wears will determine if I buy this yarn again.
The pattern I'm using is the famous "Monkey" its the most popular sock pattern on ravelry. I've enjoyed knitting it, but I'm ready for it to be over. I feel that way about all pattern by the end of a project.
Every Lace pattern I have ever used claims to be "easy to memorize" I can never memorize them, but that might just be me. I also used the magic loop method, and got really bad ladders coming from the back of the sock to the front but not on the other side, so I knit the first stitch of every row instead of purling. Well I'm going back to my sock.... happy knitting.