Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Looking for a patio set

I'm looking for a small patio, or bistro set. I'd like to have two chairs, a small table, and possibly a settee. I don't want wicker - but a good quality plastic wicker look would be fine. metal is a plus, but I don't want any bendy seats. I don't want arms on the chairs unless they are wide. I don't want a glass table top. I am picky.
I very much like Martha Stewart's set at Kmart. but the chairs are bendy, and the seats rather small. the settee is nice though. I like these rocking chairs, but am not sure of the rocking mechanism and how sturdy it is.
This other walmart set is more than I am looking for - but there is a ton of furniture here for the price... it also has good reviews...
I will update this more later - i'm thinking out loud here for the most part