Friday, January 16, 2009

Painting, and critter kissing

Well I've been feeling a bit better!! Thank the Lord. We are coping with the dry sockets from having my teeth out, but I'll spare you the details!

I've missed spending very much time with my animals while I've been out of commission; so i have been giving the chickens some cuddle time.


It has been extra cold here lately. Nothing my northern friends would bat an eye at, but we are feeling the pain. I worry about Henry because he doesn't have anyone to snuggle with. When Ben is still at work after I get home in the evening I let him in to have a little bit of snuggle, some treats, and getting the chill off his legs. I think he has been sleeping in the dog house, but I'm not really sure. RR caught us in the snuggle on the couch!


Because my mouth has been in such disarray I haven't been able to practice my horn, so RR is taking it to the shop to have a little spa treatment! (and get those stuck slides loose!) Hopefully when it comes back I will be all better and I can practice like a crazy person.
I'd like to post a French Horn video weekly. I may just link it here so ya'll won't loose any hearing. I think it will help me progress if I feel like I have a "concert" every week.

My Winterguard and I painted the tarp yesterday. The girls and I worked really hard, and I really like the way it turned out! I put my footprints down the black strip as a finishing touch.

This was a manic painting experience, I painted one side of the tarp and the rest of them did the other side. They were being way to careful and slow for me!

Well thats all for tonight. Tomorrow I need to write some show stuff for my girls, it is also my papa's 80th birthday celebration. I think we are taking Henry. Mom will be there so that should be interesting. I may blog about my issues about that soon :-) Good night ya'll. Stay warm

*** Prayers and good thoughts for Sam, one of our band moms who has breast cancer, and is doing beautifully. Prayers especially for her two girls who are going to have to take care of her for a while ***

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

la vie est (word for crazy)

When I was in college the first time I always befriended the non traditional students.... ya know, those older people going to college later in life. I'm one now. Dang it!

So I started class on Monday, and it was AMAZING..... I listened, and it was so much better than college the first time around because I wasn't scared and I knew where I was going, and if I got lost I knew how to ask for help. SO I'm taking all 101 classes because the state dept said I needed three classes in sociology, econ, and world government. I decided that 101 classes would be the way to go because they would be easy.

This means I also feel like a giant freak because I'm OLD.
*In my first class (econ) a boy (who is pretty, and a mass comm major) called me mam and needed me to point him towards another building since. It was nice to get to be helpful.
*In my second class (soci) our really amazing charismatic prof was telling us that she has great stories to share; like being in Berlin when the wall fell. Well apparently she got some blank stares from this and she asked if any of us were even born before 1989? I got all excited and my hand shot up, and she looked at me and said; "But not by much" to which I replied "1984" and several of the (sorority girls I imagine) kids inhaled like I said I was born in 1700 or something. *I think I'm older than my POLS prof. I'm not really, but he looks like a baby. He is quite funny, and I now regret giggling so much at his jokes, I really felt silly. He was wearing a suit and I thought that odd because thats not a big thing at our school but then he told us where he went to school and it made perfect sense. He went to school with the bloody PRINCE OF ENGLAND...... okay not with him, my prof was there first, but geez it must be a good school.

To my contest winners I'M SORRY I haven't gotten your prizes in the mail yet! I have a PBS book to get off in the mail too and I haven't done it (guilty look). And all my RAK stuff for January. I know ya'll don't mind I just don't want you to think I forgot or anything.

Teeth update: They are still killing me. I called to try and get more pills today (I swear I'm not a crackhead), but they want me to come in tomorrow afternoon. She thinks I may have dry socket. I don't think I do, but what do I know? I'm still on soft food, but I took a walk on the wild side and ate part of ben's taco. I think it was okay because the shell is so brittle. So prayers for the teeth!

Also, prayers and good thoughts for two of my students (sisters) who are having a hard time at home right now.

Thanks for reading!