Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A little update

I'm a bad blogger, but maybe I can do better.
I had a baby, his name is Wesley and he was born on February 8th.
I would like to blog a series about him "52 weeks of Wesley" So far i'm only a week behind, so I'll blog those 2 weeks and then hopefully every Tuesday I can post about him, in all his awesomeness.

My pregnancy was really easy at first, no morning sickness, I felt better than I've felt in my whole life and had lots of energy. Then I went to my normal dermatologist appointment, had 2 moles removed. They came back Atypical, so I had them largely excised. I was 29 weeks at the time of surgery, and it was not fun at all.

I also failed my glucose test and was diagnosed with gestational diabetes, that was not fun either because I had to adhere to an "eating plan" (its not a diet!) and exercise. I got a Wii, it called me obese, its in the cedar chest.

I managed to gain about 50 pounds while pregnant, and got up to 253.4 or so, yesterday I was down to 226, I'd like to be back to my normal 200 by Christmas, and if I'm less than that I'll be really happy.

At this point I remember next to nothing about the past year that has to do with anything other than being pregnant. I worked, but I don't remember it. My house is under construction, and I'm sure we've made some progress, but I don't see it.

Nothing exists but Wesley right now, well, sometimes Ben does.

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  1. OMG, I can't believe you had a baby. Congratulations! I kept going back to your blog and see if you posted anything but nothing, then tonight I just checked again and to my surprise you posted something. Your a mommy, hope exciting. Would love to see a picture of your little one. Enjoy every minute. The first years goes by so fast. I became a grandma two times last year. A little girl, Hannah, in April and a little boy, Bradley, in July. My daughter's just had to do it together to make me get gray hairs before my time. Enjoy your little bundle of joy. Hugs, Debbie