Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Slacker Update!

I haven't updated in forever! Classes are going well. I'm actually studying and doing my work. I was a MUCH different student the first time around. Today I took a map test in International Politics and I was actually over prepared! I filled out about 50 countries when I only needed to do 10. I know my Professor Opie will be annoyed, but I was bored.

This past Saturday (1 / 31) I took my winterguard to their first contest. They did really well, and placed 9th out of 13 guards in their class. This is an improvement on last year and they had a good time. To read more about that you may go on over to the Grenadier Band Blog and see pictures of the girls as well as a video from practice.

50 books this year? That's going to be an ambitious goal. So far I have started two books. A devil to play, and Back on Blossom street by Debbie Macomber. I lost the former book for several weeks after a cleaning session, and found it last night. I haven't read a significant amount of either of them.... I've been reading text books, so maybe that counts?

Mystery Sock Stash DOWN!!! Its time to open another paper sack with some “surprise” yarn in it. I'll pick a pattern and start on those socks after I finish Rena's computer bag. I ran out of yarn for it so it has been living in the Rav bag for quite a while, but I will finish it this weekend when we go to CHARLESTON!!!!

The SCMEA conference is this weekend and I'm going to keep RR company and learn lots of stuff about band. Much of it will be over my head, like the Farkas book I got in the mail this week. I started reading that and felt like my brain had melted.

Currently I'm sitting in a Firestone store getting new back tired on my bug, and the car saga will be over for a while. Then we have to deal with Ben's teeth and then MAYBE we will have some relief!

I'll be posting this later when I have time at home and can format it properly online :-)
I haven't forgotten about getting the soaps out.... I'm just a slacker!


  1. Yay! You blogged. Way to go on the map test! Maybe you'll get extra credit. Yes, text books count toward your goal. Now who is in charge of the blank Grenadier Blog...Rena? Enjoy Charleston!

  2. no, that would be me.... I'll work on it this weekend. I've got to upload some videos and then I will post :-)

  3. I got a real kick out the picture of you on the couch with the sheep!
    Great blog!